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Nursery - Grade12

Summer - UK / Italy Milan

Eton, Dragon, Oxford, Cambridge

Foootball Camp in Milan

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Tutor Japan provides 1-on-1 academic support for students from kindergarten to grade12/year13 including test preparation for the SAT, ACT, TOEFL, and more.

We offer in-home and online sessions with flexible scheduling.

Summer Programs

UK Age8~17 years old
- Camp Dragon (Young Explorers)、Eton College, UUniversity Prep.at Oxford College, Cambridge College

Italy Milan Age8~14 years old
Football Camp (by AC Milan Junior Coach), Fation, Art, STEM



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About Us

At Tutor Japan, we offer personalized admissions and tutoring support to prospective and current international school students in Japan and abroad. Our Kindergarten to Grade12/Year13 tutoring services started in 2007, which we offer personalized tutor matching to ensure that our international school students excel in their subject. With rising interest towards a global education, the admissions process for international schools is ever-more competitive. We now also offer dedicated admissions counseling services to families looking to attend international schools in Japan and beyond. From preparing for international school interviews to supporting your child’s academic success until graduation, let us guide you through your international school experience.


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